Let’s Have a Kiki Elicits Two Mindblowing Videos

It’s hard to imagine anything better than the song “Let’s Have a Kiki” by those purveyors of star spangled eleganza, Scissor Sisters. But what if I said that there was a REALLY amazing video for it…and then what if I was to say that there was ANOTHER REALLY amazing video for it. It’s impossible to choose which one is better. Up first, let’s view the official “Let’s Have a Kiki” instructional video by the Sisters themselves. Ana Matronic, you are ERRRRRYTHANG.

Was I right, guys? But now, get ready for a video collage of truly epic proportions by the geniuses of Videodrome. If you can watch this without making involuntary squeals, you are one-up on me as far as self-control and I imagine you’re very good in meetings. OK, ready?

Sorry, you may not have been ready. It’s impossible to prepare oneself that-which-cannot-sufficiently-be-described-with-adjectives.

I’m not going to even tell you where to get this record, because you have it already, right?