Win at Life: iPhone Dust Plug Charms

PA Hillary’s amazing iPhone case and crown dust plug

Our love for intense iPhone cases is well documented.  Now, PAs Nicole, Hillary and I have found a new way to make our iPhones even more intense so that we can further live the Kawaii Dream: dust plug charms.

(Clockwise from top left) Crown, $8.99, Blue and White Ombre, $5.55, Stars, $10.50, Bow, $10.50

“Dust plug” does not sound like it could be an awesome thing but really, they so are.  They are a little plastic plug that you put in your headphone jack to keep dust and debris out, and while you’re at it, hey!  Why not put a sparkly crown or a Hello Kitty on it?

Cat: $12.90, Camera: $15.50, Bows: $3.50, Cake: $3.95

They’re usually pretty cheap and a guaranteed way to make you feel better about life.  I have been staring at my little sparkly rhinestone bow all day and that sh*t is not getting old anytime soon, I can tell already.  So do it up!  Playing Megu on your sparkly iphone while your rhinestone star twinkles atop your phone will only garner the immense respect of your peers: true fact.

Flowers: $3.75, Animals: $6.99/each, French Bulldog: $8.50,  Bunny Ears: $21.50, Bear: $15, Deer: $3.75