Dope App: Mr. Chiizu

Forgive me but I am about to write about yet ANOTHER photo editing iPhone app! This time I want to tell you guys about my new favorite one, Mr. Chiizu.

The app comes with five free “themes”, and costs $0.99.  It’s SO WORTH IT THOUGH you guys, because every theme is created by a different, real-deal artist (including but not limited to Dyna Moe of Mad Men Yourself fame, Linda Gavin (creator of the Twitter logo) and Jessica Lopez (co-creator of the app, her clients include MTV, Bust Magazine, Nylon Magazine and more)).  You can also post directly to Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook, as well as print your picture or order it as a print to be sent to you in the mail!

In app purchases ($0.99 each) allow you to buy more themes, each one utterly unique.  The art is fantastic and the stamps, borders and face-in-holes are crazy adorable/creepy/beautiful.  And yes, that is my face above, done up using four different themes.  This was before I chopped all my hair!  I looked mad dorky, thank god I’m SO MUCH COOLER now.  No dork here now, nosirree.

Snag Mr. Chiizu via the app store!  You will love it, I promise.