I Love Me an NPH Tony Awards Opening Number

The Tonys are really the only awards show worth watching. Movies, music, TV shows are such consumable commodities in comparison to the living, breathing Broadway show. Not only do you need to find yourself in NYC to see these productions, you also need to shell out major dollars and sometimes even wait months to get tickets. This is why the Tonys are so special! You get a rare glimpse into all of the Tony-nominated plays and musicals in the form of live-acted scenes and musical numbers, right in the comfort of your own home! Also, the Broadway community knows how to poke fun at itself in just the right way, not to mention that truly hilarious jokes are made the whole way through. Maybe they’re just funny for Broadway nerds like me, but still. Neil Patrick Harris hosted this year’s Tonys (his third) and did awesomely. Check out his opening number featuring PATTI LUPONE and relish in the fact that if life were more like the theater, it wouldn’t suck so much.