Our Eyes, They Bleed: Ugg Wedding Shoes Signal Impending Apocalypse

The “I Do” collection from Ugg was released recently and whoooooa mama are they hideous or what.  I’m sorry, you know to each their own…I don’t want to be a judgemental jerk or a negative nelly but these are objectively hideous, right?  I think we can all agree that on your wedding day, unless you are PA friend Cam who plans on getting married on a snowy mountain in the wilds of Alaska, you should not be wearing furry boots and flip flops.

Speaking of which, in what sort of weather would furry flip flops make sense?  Is the ground cold but the air above your foot is hot?

My guess is that more tweens than adult brides will be buying these but at these prices ($80 for the flops, from $190-225 for the boots) these aren’t exactly the wear them one season then throw them out type of purchases.

So what do you guys think…are these making you want to claw your eyes out or do you think they’ll look cute on kids and winter brides?  No, you know what?  Don’t even answer that.  The answer is A.  They are the worst.

Snag these loco zapatos at Ugg.com.