The Banger Report: Vol. 3

Back at it with some BANGAZZZZ. So, the new Santigold record just came out and the whole thing is DOPE. But if you’re looking for a gateway drug to Santi fandom, or if you just want to hear la dope de la dope of the record, I humbly suggest “Go!”, banger #1.  This is a song that will involuntarily cause your body to move (incidentally, my favorite kind of song), will not leave your head AND even the version that will play on repeat IN YOUR HEAD will make your body move involuntarily. It’s just that good. Props to Karen O who guests on the track and producers Santigold, Switch and Q-Tip for taking me to magical bangerland.

Banger #2 is from Light Asylum’s new S/T record. This track really jumped out at me the first time I heard it and made me realize that I never really gave these guys enough of my listening time. Their music could be described as electro-pop (I guess), but their synths have a more sinister, heavy edge. Almost industrial. Anyway, I really like this song “Heart of Dust” – it’s dark and creepy with lyrics about haunting, ghosts and being “face down in the river,” but yet, it’s still pretty danceable. Seriously, this will be on every Halloween 2012 party playlist. If not, you’re at the wrong party.

Banger #3’s description can write its GD self. All you need to know is Azealia Banks leaked a track from her upcoming mixtape and it’s called “Jumanji.” If you know anything about anything, it should go without saying that this is FIYAHHHHHH. Download / stream below!

There are vinyl and CD versions of Santigold and Light Asylum‘s new records at Insound.