Meet Your BFF at Adoptapalooza 2012!

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you should know that there are TONS of little buddies waiting for you in shelters all over NYC (and the world). Some of have been abused and some have been abandoned, but whatever their pasts, they all need homes and owners who will treat them with love. This is why the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals is hosting the third annual Adoptapalooza on May 19th in Washington Square Park, where over 100 dogs and cats will be available for adoption.

I adopted my dog Megabite at Animal Care and Control over three years ago and for real, I can’t imagine a better dog existing in the world. And he’s really cute:

Check out for all the details. And if you can’t make it to this event, you can check out the websites of the participating rescue organizations via that link or some others: Best Friends, Dog Habitat, BARC and of course…Petfinder! Keep in mind that if you can’t adopt a pet, but you still <3 animals, you can always donate supplies, $$ or time to any of these organizations.