Essential Mixtape Alert: The Peel Off Pregame

In the grand tradition of myself, I downloaded this mixtape over a month ago and just got around to listening to it today. And WHOA – I was blown away. I’ve been a fan of Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire since the first time I heard Lost in Translation last fall and now I know that the man can also put together a serious mix. The Peel Off Pregame, a mix created for L.A. tastemakers Check Yo Ponytail, blends classic hip hop (Nas, Noreaga, Rakim) with new (Das Racist, Danny Brown, eXquire himself) and tosses in a few welcome curveballs (Sister Sledge, Bobby Brown, DJ Mehdi, LCD Soundsystem). AHH – it’s so good and so much fun to listen to. You can stream or download it below.