Bikini Sea Change

Gypsy Paradise Surfer Bikini Bottoms

So recently I took a trip down to Rincón, a surf town on the western coast of Puerto Rico. I will write on the town later, but I have to report a heartening trend in the American bikini market. For those who’ve known me long enough, you know I’m VERY particular about my bikinis. As a daughter of a fashion-conscious Brazilian mother, I’m horrified by the thought of wearing anything that looks like a wrinkled diaper to the beach. That has always meant that I abhor American-made bikinis, because they don’t use the small cuts and tight Brazilian lycra of their South-American counterparts.

Journey of the Heart Surfer Pant Bikini

But during the many hours I spent watching women riding waves down in Rincón, I  learned that times they are a-changin’. Notably, they’re wearing bikinis that look Brazilian, but are clearly marked with American-brand logos. My favorites were from Roxy, and when I got home I hit the internet to see what they have in store for us this summer. I was very pleased with their selection, and their reasonable price tags ($36 for bottoms). I wholeheartedly recommend everyone considering this trend. And if you don’t love the tiny bottoms, what’s nice is that Roxy has a cut for every like – and you can find the same pattern in different coverage zones.

Check out the collection on the Roxy website.