JF & Son’s Unexpected Napkins

JF & Son Napkin

On my way home from school I always pause in front of the JF & Son storefront, an odd shop that seems to be too cool for me to step into. Their fashion is often heady and clearly conscious of its status, but there’s something about it that keeps me lingering every time. It’s the kind of store that has a lot of misses, but when it hits it gets you right where it was aiming: in this case, your pocket… These hand-dyed napkins are a case in point. They’re so beautifully dyed that I wouldn’t hesitate to wrap one of these around my neck and call it a hand-made scarf. I’m considering doing it, but would be just as happy laying them out for my next dinner party – Passover and Easter are just around the corner after all.

To note: The JF & Son store window is announcing a big sale, that’s not reflected on the website. I most definitely recommend a visit, it’s at 56 University Place (and now you know where I study). The set of 4 napkins goes for $98, and you can pick them up on the JF & Son online store.