Abhyasa Yoga Center = My Williamsburg Oasis

After a long day hunched over a keyboard, nothing feels better than a long stretching session! My #1 place to get my stretch on is Abhyasa Yoga Center. Abhyasa focuses on Hatha yoga-based breath-centered movement rather than gym-like power vinyasa mega blasts. The result is a practice that’s relaxing while still challenging. It’s seriously the perfect antidote to a tough day or just a rewarding bonus on a good day! I always leave class glad that I went, especially on days where I didn’t really feel like going. And – added bonus – if you have seasonal allergies, the breathing practice totally helps (take it from me).

The best thing about practicing at Abhyasa is the calmer, more centered feeling you take with you to use in everyday life. Anything that makes me less likely to shoulder check a stranger on the L Train is a good thing!

Abhyasa is located on Metropolitan between Lorimer and Leonard. Classes are available for all levels! Try it and maybe you’ll get as good at Upward Facing Dog as this guy: