I recently twisted my ankle for probably the 100th time while dancing with friends (so massively embarrassing and uncool to wipe out while doing a jaunty little step on the dance floor) and had to turn to my two pairs of high tops to get me through my convalescence.  While my friends wore cute heels to New Year’s Eve, I was rocking my black, gold and white Reeboks.  I was sad I couldn’t get more dressed up but then secretly realized this: wearing sneakers is kind of so much more awesome than wearing anything else!  You get to look cool, urban, chill and stylish all while feeling crazy comfortable.

So ladies I say, toss aside your boots for a day!  Turn your nose up at your flats and shove those heels to the back of your closet!  Grab some skinny jeans, a pair of hi tops and an oversized sweater and totally rock the comfy/cool/cas look.  You’ll be the style and comfort envy of your buds.

image via: Girls Got Kicks, an awesome photo book dedicated to female sneakerheads.  Check it out!