Understand Lyrics and Have Lulz with Rap Genius

The internet is a magical place in which everyone has a home, including rap nerds.  And thanks to RapGenius.com, anyone who wants to spend time dissecting rap lyrics into teensy little pieces can now do so, bringing lulz and illumination to the rest of us.

Rap Genius was started by a bunch of bros who went to fancy schools who wanted to know what rap lyrics REALLY mean, so they decided to make a website that would let the people of the internet figure it all out for them (is that what fancy schools teach kids how to do these days?). Click on lyrics in a song and user-generated definitions and interpretations pop up, which can be given plus or minus points by other users, depending on whether people think they are accurate. Some of the explanations are kind of meh, but the site will surely get better with age and more users.

I can tell you that I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading the notes on our fave Azealia Banks song, 212, and she means even half of what people think she does, she is twice as badass as we originally thought (<3 <3 <3).