InfomerciaLULZ: Max Tall

Yes, it’s another InfomerciaLULZ moment courtesy of the Tennis Channel. When I first saw/heard this commercial for Max Tall which starts with the line: “Guys, pay attention! How’d you like to have an extra two inches?” I was thinking that this was an ad for some kind of snake oil “sensual enhancement” product. However, I was wrong. Not that this product appears to be that much more useful…

Aren’t you guys sick of getting ignored at work because of your HEIGHT? Aren’t you tired of potential love partners passing you up solely because you aren’t two inches taller? Man, if only I had an extra two inches! Then, ANYTHING WOULD BE POSSIBLE. MY POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS WOULD BE SO CRAZY AND MESMERIZING. SURELY I WOULD BECOME PRESIDENT. Anyway, watch the ad below and LOL with me at its hilarious claims and solutions to non-existent problems.


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