Primp & Polish: Every Nail Polish Color Under the Sun

Primp & Polish Williamsburg Brooklyn Nail SalonPrimp & Polish is a Williamsburg nail salon favorite that is fairly fancy, has every nail polish color imaginable (including up to date seasonal colors from Essie, OPI, Chanel, and China Glaze), and has tons of gel options. It seems like they carry every single brand and color of gel polish imaginable– Shellac, CND, Gelish, Axxiuum, Geleration, Cacee, Gelez. The only notable exception is Calgel (which we all know is the best). They’ll custom mix colors for you for a slight extra charge. For most of us Power Animals living in Williamsburg, it’s become the go-to spot when you want a gel manicure and didn’t make an appointment days or weeks ahead of time at one of our other favorite Calgel spots. A few tips:

  • Call ahead to make sure there isn’t a wait. They’ll usually be able to accommodate you within an hour.
  • Some of the gel polish brands they carry are a little thin. Don’t be afraid to ask for a 3rd coat so that it’s totally opaque.
  • Be careful which gel polish brand you get, as some of them are significantly more expensive than others.
  • They do nail art, but only a few of the girls who work there are what you might call artists. If you want nail art, you might be better off at one of the other spots we’ve reviewed. We’ll try more nail art from P&P and get back to you on this one.

The girls who work there are all very sweet, and we’ve been there on super busy and slow days. Regular nail polish manis are $12-$20, pedis are $23-$50, and gel manis are $27-$32. Primp & Polish is PA-approved, y’all!