Monserat De Lucca’s Unexpected Awesomeness

Lighter, $63.00

I have a problem with jewelry…I just can’t figure it out.  I almost always put on a bracelet, ring or a necklace before I go out, and then right before I leave I second guess it and take it off.  I think if I had one of these fun, interesting pieces from Monserat De Lucca, I would be happy with wearing one statement piece and sticking with it.  And at pretty reasonable prices (many of the pieces are under $100) I think grabbing one or two is not totally a pie in the sky dream!

From left to right: Brass USB 2pc Ring Set, $100.00 / Armor Helmet Ring, $75.00 / Brass Married/Single Ring, $83.00

Clockwise from top left: Brass Watch Bracelet, $80.00 /  Brass Pencil Bracelet, $70.00 / Brass Western Bracelet, $90.00 / Apple Earphones Bracelet, $95.00 / Skeleton Bracelet, $170.00

They even have cute bags!  From left to right: Cougar Necklace, $65.00 /  Benecio, $395.00 / Circle Tendril Earrings, $55.00