Stripey Cases from In God We Trust

IGWT Ticking Fabric Pouches

credit: in god we trust

I was enjoying the eighty degree weather today, strolling down Bedford Avenue, when I decided to pop into In God We Trust. Truthfully, I was hoping I’d find something cute on their sale rack, and though I did see some things I liked, they didn’t have my size. But the beauty of IGWT is that they have something for every budget, and though I wasn’t ready to drop $180 on a pair of (absolutely adorable) wool pants, I could dish some dough for one of the great laptop cases they’ve got on the shelves. I’m digging the worker’s overalls vibe, and the heavy duty gold zipper just adds to the look. It’s beautifully constructed, with a quilted white lining on the inside that’ll keep your electronics and whatever other wares safe.

IGWT Laptop Case

credit: in god we trust

You can see the whole line of ticking fabric cases, from sunglass cases to small zippered pouches, to iPad and laptop cases, on the newly revamped In God We Trust website. They range from $30 to $80.