Madewell Shorty Boots for Easy, Wear All-Day City Style

1. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Suede Velcro boots, $350.  2. Roadmap boot, $248.  3. Backdrop Buckle boot, $268.  4. Suede Zipcode boot, $188.  5. Prairie boot, $215.

Even though we’re enjoying a rare couple days of Indian Summer weather, we’re well aware that fall is on it’s way!  And with fall comes the annual ritual of a six month-long search for boots that are cute AND practical for all sorts of crazytown fall and winter weather. I mean, we walk all over the city in rain, snow, sleet, and ice, so you can’t just choose any old boots or else you’d slip and fall right over the first time snow turns to a thin sheet of ice overnight (or you get out of the subway at Bedford on that one part of the sidewalk that for some reason is at a 45 degree angle!).

Enter the answer to our fall boot search: Madewell’s fall boot collection! Quality materials, practical heel heights (mostly), and classic, vintage-inspired styles.  It’s a recipe for success, my friends. My only gripe is that some of the boots are on the expensive side…but I think they might just be worth a splurge. They all would work with both dresses and skinny pants. They look like they’d last forever and a few of them even have tread or gum soles so you could wear them on those sidewalk ice skating days.  Soooo darn cute. Plus, there are 3-4 more pairs of Madewell shorty boots on the site that are also super adorable in addition to the ones above! The REAL question is which pair gets you the most bang for your buck?

Our message to boot designers: City girls need practical boots!