Etsy Finds: Snake Jewelry

The Neverending Stooooryyyyyyy! Nanana nanana nanana.

With all the maxi dresses and midi skirts out there, I feel like wearing a statement piece is a must.  After watching Practical Magic I am really digging witchy vibes and in a recent flash of inspiration searched for things like “snake bracelet” and “snake necklace” on Etsy and found tons of affordable, awesome pieces. So if you want to kick it like Atreyu rocking Auryn in The Neverending Story, just snag one of the sweet gems below!

1. Vintage Snake Necklace, $47.00/  2. Vintage Handmade Brass Double Head Snake Ring, $25.00 / 3. Snake Ring, $45.00 / 4. Vintage Plastic Coiled Snake Bracelet, $9.99 / 5. Snake Black Enamel Clamper Bracelet with Rhinestones, $38.00 / 6. Vintage Gold Snake Wrap Bracelet, $26.50 / 7. Vintage 1960s Snake Bracelet, $38.00