Dope App: New York Times Crosswords

I’m not much of a mobile game player. I think the last game I played on a mobile device was Dope Wars on my Palm Pilot. (PALM PILOT, GUYS.) But, with an iPhone, I figured I might as well have some kind of backup to pass the time when I didn’t have enough time or space for a book and/or I’ve run the full gamut of social media. My first tryst was with Words with Friends, but that ended up feeling more like work than fun. I mean, I can barely respond to text messages, much less be in 12 concurrent games of pseudo-Scrabble. Was there an option for words…without friends?

Enter the New York Times Crosswords app! It’s basically like heaven. Although it’s a paid subscription ($1.99/mo., $9.99/6 mo., $16.99/yr.), it’s well worth it! Aside from that day’s crossword, you can access thousands of puzzles from the archive. And the flow of filling out the puzzle is really intuitive. The app allows you to check the puzzle and reveal words and/or letters after 24 hours have passed from the publishing date. Sometimes revealing one word can take you from 3/4 done to totally done! You can even compare your times and percentages to your friends or crossword masters. The sense of accomplishment after making a NYT crossword puzzle your bitch is second to none. I’m coming for you, Shortz.

If you want to give your brain some exercise, pick up this app in the App Store!