Small Batch Production for a Frenchified Kitchen

Small Batch Production Citron Linen Dish Towel

credit: small batch production

I love making small batches of baked goods at home – you know, where you make a huge chocolate chip cookie recipe, freeze three-quarters of it, and then bake a few cookies fresh every night. Maybe that’s why I was drawn the the Small Batch Production store on Etsy. The shop turns out beautiful hand-sewn linen towels and aprons that are, if you’ll allow for a bit of motto variation, French Would Do (in the Kitchen). I’m especially into the ecru linen cafe apron and the citron linen dish towel.  You can also, apparently, get things custom-made. How sweet would it be to have  a set of rustic linen napkins for your next dinner party?

Check out the Small Batch Production shop on Etsy. The dishtowels start at $20 a pop.