Feast Your Eyes on…Richard Armitage

You guys. YOU GUYS!!!!! I just watched the BBC miniseries North and South on Netflix Instant and am now totally obsessed with Richard Armitage, the actor who plays the lead male role of ultra brooding John Thornton. And apparently I am not the only obsessed person out there, as Mr. Armitage, who is now breathing life into the role of Thorin in The Hobbit, has a ridiculously fervent internet fan base, many of whom refer to themselves as The Armitage Army; true fact. I mean, I must say that I totally get it, because this dude is SO DREAMY. You might not be able to understand it simply by looking at these photos, but, seriously, it is like smoldering is this man’s J-O-B. In fact, if you asked me, he is the *ultimate smolderer*. In order to see his smoldering in action, watch the fanmade clip below. Le ultimate sigh, mes amis; ultimate sigh forever.

Richard Yet Again

video credit: GizTheGunslinger