Spied it, Tried it: Waffle & Wolf

Waffle & Wolf

I first read about Waffle & Wolf in Zagat Buzz and was immediately super excited about this new addition to the Graham Avenue area of Williamsburg. Waffle & Wolf offers a new twist on your traditional waffle — think waffle taco with sweet and savory fillings. At first, I found the options a little overwhelming. There are 14 pre-designed sandwiches and then an additional 36 ingredients to choose from to build your own sandwich. Filling options vary from cinnamon cream cheese, figs, walnuts, bacon, avocado, and pickles. Basically anything you could imagine or maybe not imagine in a waffle, they have.

Waffle from Waffle & Wolf

After much deliberation, I decided to go with #14 “Charles’ Favorite” — walnuts baked in to the waffle, feta cheese, seasonal fruit (I went with blackberries), and honey for $7.50. The waffle itself was delicious and I really enjoyed the baked in walnuts. However, the cheese was a little too strong up against the fruit and honey. I enjoyed it but I think next time I may try one of the straight up sweet options, instead of a mix of sweet and savory. Everything is made to order, so it’s all hot off the waffle iron, which is great. However, this also means that on a Saturday morning, I had to wait about 20 minutes to order and get my food. There was only one person taking orders, making the waffles, and manning the register. This may just be a kink they need to work out but for a small space with limited seating, the wait definitely seemed long. However, regardless of the wait, I’ll definitely be back — for my next waffle I’m thinking something with cinnamon cream cheese and figs.

Visit Waffle & Wolf at 413 Graham Ave in Williamsburg. Check them out online at www.waffleandwolf.com and on Facebook.