Amazing or Wack? Sexy Alien Dress

Shortly after PA Tammy coined the phrase “French Would Do” to describe her style, I cut my hair.  PA Kiki and I were talking about my new do and she said it reminded her of old sci-fi movies and shows where say, Captain Kirk goes to a new planet and finds a “sexy alien”, with a crazy short do and some insane outfit and makeup to go along with it.  The phrase we then decided would describe my dream style became “Sexy French Alien Would Do” then shortened to “Sexy Alien Would Do”.  Look at these hot mamas:

the ladies of Star Trek

And just tell me that they wouldn’t die to wear this dress:

How epic is this??  Those insane shoulders, that spacey print…it blows my mind.  Of course, at a pretty steep $256.13 (weeeird price) I don’t think I would buy this any time soon, but tell me: is this a dress that a real life person could wear, or is this only for those sexy aliens out there?  Could a mere human rock this and look amazing or would people see me wearing this and think “Dear God why is that linebacker wearing a dress?”

Basically, I think I just want to always be wearing crazy maxis and things with spacey prints on them, so if you guys know of something similar that is maybe a) way cheaper and b) a little more wearable, let me know!

Fly on over in your internet spaceship to Asos to snag this gem.