Netflix Fix: Masterpiece Theater’s Sherlock

Continuing my search for non-crappy viewing on Netflix Instant (no, I do NOT want to watch The Santa Clause II, STOP RECOMMENDING IT NETFLIX) has led me to the amazing three part mini-series Sherlock, which originally aired on Masterpiece Theater in the UK.  You guys, this is so good!  Here are some reasons why:


1. The guy who plays Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch, BEST NAME EVER) is SOOO strange and weird looking, he is pretty much the most amazing Sherlock ever.  He has dark curly hair but with blonde eyebrows and super light blue eyes, and his lips are the same color as his skin so he really has a bizarro washed out look that totally makes him look like he can see deep into your soul.  His character is also rocking a raging case of Asperger’s and when you think about it that makes SO much sense when you consider how brilliant/socially awkward Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be.  Also, he is obsessed with Googling and Tweeting and using his smart phone in general which is bizzaro and hilarious.


2.  Martin Freeman as Watson is inspired casting.  You might remember Freeman as Tim from the original The Office…his hangdog look suits his character so well here.  In this version of SH, Watson is a war veteran whose therapist suggest he start keeping a blog to keep track of his feelings and progress which of course turns into his account of Sherlock’s cases (a fun, updated version of Watson writing down all of Sherlock’s adventures).

3.  They have a really great way of displaying texts on phones on the show.  Have you ever noticed how, when you’re watching say, Bones or some random show, the person is all “I got a text from the Commish, looks like he’s waiting at the warehouse” and then they show the phone and it looks like this:

and you’re like “Come ON!  No one’s phone looks like that!”  Well on Sherlock, they have solved this problem in what I thought was a neat way.

Screenshot via

The text appears next to the character and is animated so it floats next to and then disappears as the character and the viewer read it.  It’s a really great way to get that text information to the viewer without having to show them a corny shot of a weird phone interface while the character says out loud what you’re reading.   For some reason this was a revelation to me and made me really happy when I saw it.

The show is fun and funny, and the interactions between Watson and Sherlock are the best I think I’ve seen so far for those characters…check it out!

New episodes have been airing in the UK but it looks like we have to wait for them here.  Check the PBS website for more info.