I Unabashedly Love Tavi

Tavi on her 15th Birthday, via thestylerookie.com

If you haven’t heard of Tavi Gevinson, then please allow me to introduce you.  A 15 year old wunderkind, Tavi is a teen blogger who has been embraced by the fashion world.  Normally that would be really annoying to me, like what does this kid know?  But I follow her blog and she is really just so smart, insightful and charming…I can’t imagine being as articulate as she is when I was her age.  What started out as a blog about fashion for her has evolved and matured into something much more.  Her musings on 90s alt culture, feminism and how lame it is to ironically like things (she is equally comfortable rocking a goth look while listening to Taylor Swift, which I find amazing and inspiring) are a treat to read, and makes me wish I had her blog to read when I was a kid.

Tavi recently announced that she is launching a website called Rookie Mag, “A new site for teenage girls” (when I read that I died a little from happiness).  She is a huge fan of Sassy and has blogged on Jane Pratt’s newish site xoJane.com, which I’m sure will  help inform how she approaches this site.  I’m so excited to see what she does with her celebrity and how she brings her famous admirers to her teen audience in what I’m sure will be a female-positive and approachable way.

Check out RookieMag.com on Monday when it launches!  And in the meantime, read her blog Style Rookie, which I love love.