We Can All Scream for Ice Cream!

This is the story of how I came up with the idea for a peaches & goat milk ice cream sundae. It was Thursday afternoon and I was due at my sister-in-laws house at 7:00 for dinner. I had volunteered to bring dessert but I had forgotten and found myself at home with only the contents of my kitchen and a quick stop at a deli to make it work.

Luckily I had six peaches so I figured that was a good start. Of course I don’t actually have flour or butter or normal baking stuff cause that would be too easy. So I decided I would bake the peaches with brown sugar, cinnamon and sugar (375 degrees for about 30 minutes) and then pick up some ice cream and cookies on my way. How can you go wrong?

Well then on my way, I remembered my sister-in-law doesn’t eat much dairy, doh! Okay, fine I will get soy ice cream. But then there was no soy ice cream. Which brings me to the point of this story: Laloo’s goat milk ice cream is good! And people with a lactose sensitivity can eat it! I don’t know all the science but people with a lactose intolerance are often fine with goat milk products.

I went with the vanilla snowflake flavor and it was extremely rich and creamy. Although certainly sweet it also had the same earthy tang you would find in a goat cheese. Combined with the baked peaches and Anna’s Ginger Thins it was a pretty interesting dessert if I do say so myself! As smooth and dense as a gelato but with half the fat, the ice cream was a hit.

Laloo’s has a bunch of flavors that sound delicious. As a huge mint chocolate chip fan I am interested to try the rumplemint. I also want to check out this suggestion they have for a chocolate ice cream and Guinness float. There is definitely a unique flavor that clues you in that this is not your typical everyday ice cream, but if you like goat cheese or are looking for a decadent, rich replacement that won’t upset your lactose sensitivity, I would suggest giving Laloo’s a try.

Images via Laloo’s