Spied it, Tried it: Il Laboratorio del Gelato

A few weeks ago it was HOT in the city. On those days sometimes you just want to eat ice cream for lunch, or in this case, gelato. So for my third installment of my ‘eat all the ice cream’ series (inspired by this article), I headed over to il laboratorio del gelato for the perfect sustenance for a hot day.

My flavor pics for the day were dulce de leche (are we seeing a theme here?) and espresso. Verdict: downright delightful! You are pretty much guaranteed satisfaction at Il laboratorio, which opened its doors in 2002. They offer nearly 200 flavors and customers and chefs are welcomed to suggest flavors for the lab to try and create.

With two locations on the Lower East Side and available for pick up at Dean and Deluca and Murray’s Cheese shop (among other locations), you should get your il laboratorio del gelato on while it’s still warm enough to eat ice cream as a meal replacement. YUM.