<3 Dum Dum Girls <3

Photo Credit: Michael Nika / www.michaelnika.com

Try to ignore the fact that these ladies are smoking hot (we know: impossible) and rather, concentrate on the fact that they are about to release your favorite record of 2011, Only in Dreams. Dum Dum Girls make the kind of perfect, noisy pop songs that beg to be listened to over and over and over again; in a perfect world “Jail La La” would greet me in every corner bodega rather than “Teenage Dream.”

When I heard the new song “Coming Down” a few weeks ago, I was stunned by its stark, haunting beauty and now I’m counting down the days until September 27th, when their new album will be released. The girls have released this awesome video preview, which I implore you to watch if you enjoy listening to good music:

For more insight, I recommend this great interview with Dee Dee from Self-Titled.

You can pre-order Only in Dreams (and score a bunch of older DDG goods) at Insound. And! They’re playing at Bowery Ballroom on October 21st and Maxwell’s on October 24th. I will be at the Bowery show with bells on!