Karloff: The Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn?

The chalkboard outside Karloff in Cobble Hill makes a bold claim – “Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn.” In a neighborhood that is home to both Blue Marble and Van Leeuwen, the ice cream bar has been set high. When I met two friends there for cold drinks and ice cream, I was skeptical that Karloff could stand up to its more popular competitors and was pleasantly surprised when it did.

I tried the date rosewater and beet dill flavors – mostly because they were flavors I’d never seen on an ice cream menu. They were both amazingly delicious. The date rosewater tasted like Indian kulfi – a favorite of mine – and the beet dill was surprisingly mouthwatering even though its ingredients are more often found in salads than frozen desserts.

Date rosewater and beet dill ice cream at Karloff

The ice cream at Karloff – described on the menu as “artisanal upstate farm ice cream” – is made by Jane’s Ice Cream in the Hudson Valley. Karloff sells 16 flavors at any given time and has an amazing selection of both traditional flavors – like chocolate – and more unique ones , such as licorice, prune armagnac, coconut almond joy, and apricot orange blossom.

They also have homemade pretzel cones which I didn’t try, but imagine would be irresistible to anyone looking for that perfect combination of salty and sweet. Is Karloff’s ice cream the best in Brooklyn? I think so, but you’ll have to try it too and let us know what you think.

Visit Karloff at 254 Court Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.