Power List: 5 Awesome Drinks Made With Beer

OK, so we all know beer is pretty great on its own. What you might not know, is how amazing beer can be mixed with other things! Here are five of my favorite beer based beverages, perfect for these hot summer days.

Snakebite’s new cousin: The Kopparsnake

A snakebite is usually made with equal parts of lager and cider. My favorite variety, recently invented by my husband and I on vacation in Sweden, is the Kopparsnake! The Kopparsnake (pronounced copper-snake) is equal parts Guinness and Kopparberg pear cider.

The thick nutty flavor of the Guinness is a perfect foil for the pear cider’s crisp sweetness. Many American ciders can be sickly sweet but because they use different sugars in Sweden, their ciders stay balanced, light and not overly cloying. Kopparberg can be found in the states via Fresh Direct and many of the nicer beer distributors such as American Beer Distributor on Court Street in Carrol Gardens.

Hop, Skip and Get Naked

Although there are many varieties of this drink,  the basics always include a mixture of wheat beer, vodka and lemonade. Three lovely substances on their own that together create a potent and playful light drink. This drink is best made in a pitcher and shared with friends. Some recipes even suggest using frozen lemonade instead of prepared to add an extra cold refreshing touch.

My favorite recipe is equal parts Hoegaarden and lemonade with a shot of vodka. Be careful, these babies are deceptively strong.


This Mexican beer preparation pairs cold beer with tomato juice, lime juice and a mixture of spices to create a refreshing and flavor packed drink distantly related to a Bloody Mary. It is often served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass and is amazing with a plate of tacos.

I have not yet endeavored to make a michelada at home but can recommend ordering one at Taco Chulo or Mesa Coyacoan in Brooklyn and here is a recipe via Serious Eats. 


No sparkly, no problem. For a fun new brunch drink, try mixing beer with orange juice. The lighter and more effervescent the beer, the better. Surprisingly, in our taste test the winner was fresh pulpy OJ mixed with Schlitz.


Created by Black Dice’s Eric Copeland, while bartending at Williamsburg local, Daddy’s, the Margeveza is absurdly simple and equally delicious. Simply take an ice cold Sol or similar beer and top it with 4 oz of frosty, frozen margarita.

Since most of us are not lucky enough to have a frozen margarita maker at home, Daddy’s can be found off the Graham avenue L train stop at 435 Graham Ave
(between Frost St & Richardson St.)

Kopparbite photo by Jessie