Power Playlist: 3 Reasons to Love Robyn

There are a lot of reasons to respect Swedish recording artist, singer, and songwriter Robyn. She is versatile, powerful and a rad, quirky dancer just to name a few.

After being a teen pop star in the 90s she started her own record label in 2005, Konichiwa Records, and has been fearlessly sampling influences from electronica, rap, R&B and pop ever since.

I don’t always dig every Robyn song as the range in style is pretty huge so here are 3 of my favorites to get you started:

Call Your Girlfriend – This video highlights Robyn’s unique style and funky dance moves.

Konichiwa Bitches – The first Robyn song I ever heard. Totally strange, funny and gets stuck in your head.

Dancing on My Own– This song also is really has grown on me and  her Letterman performance is great.