Miller Chill: A PA Summer Favorite

I’ll admit that I was skeptical when PA Nicole first introduced me to Miller  Chill two summers ago. Usually, I don’t drink light beer and the thought of light beer with artificial lime flavoring sounded pretty whack. Then, I tried it was pleasantly surprised by it’s refreshing (albeit fake) lime flavor and drinkability. It’s super light in calories (100) and flavor…think really delicious lime flavored beer water! Now, I rarely spend a summer without Miller chilling by the beach, in the mountains, or cooling off in the AC of a friend’s apartment.

PA Nina's Miller Chill on the deck of our LBI beach house

Miller Chill was inspired by the Mexican chelada – a mixture of beer, lime juice, and salt. I can’t speak to its authenticity, but can to it’s awesomeness and superiority over it’s competitors. Bud Light Lime and LaBatt Blue Light Lime came onto the market after Miller Chill and are in my opinion lesser in taste. In fact, when friends and I conducted a very official blind taste test of all three, Miller Chill came out on top. You can find it a most supermarkets, liquor stores, and a few special New York bodegas.