Present & Correct Strikes Again

Midori Numbered Brass Clips

Midori Numbered Brass Clips from Present & Correct

Now that I’m going back to school, I have a good excuse to hit up the stationery shops again. All those cute notebooks I bought over the years are being dusted off, but I have yet to get the right accessories to complement them. Present & Correct has my attention, with these sweet brass clips, perfect for marking pages. Look a little closer and you’ll see that the clips are from Japan, land of adorable packaging and stationery. It’s too bad they only ship to the UK and Europe. The seed’s been planted, though, so now I know what to look for.

If you’re in the UK or Europe, the numbered brass clips are available on the Present & Correct online store. If you’ve seen cute clips like these somewhere in the city, do not keep it to yourself!

UPDATE: Good news, readers! The folks at Present & Correct have just informed me that they ship internationally, so go get your brass clips, stat!