PhotoSynth: A Panorama of DREAMS

This app was only introduced to me last weekend, but it is already one of my most favorite things on my iPhone.  I have recommended it with great fervor to half a dozen people already and now here I am recommending it to half a dozen more.  It’s basically a stupendous photo panorama app, that takes photos and stitches them together, often flawlessly, into a 360 panorama, which you can view on your phone or upload to, where you can share it with friends and the internet.

Here’s an example I found on the site. It’s like you’re there! Although sadly, I am not.

The thing about PhotoSynth is that it inspires such a sense of amazement, when I am using my already amazing tiny computer gadget, at what seems like the magic of its use.  Also amazing? It’s free!

Download PhotoSynth IMMEDIATELY at iTunes now.