Amazing or Wack? Straw-Laced Espadrilles

Since I last posted about espadrilles, I’ve seen them popping up on many a spring vitrine. You know a trend’s in full swing when Aldo’s made its take on the look. Espadrilles in all shapes, colors, and sizes are out there, but there’s one lace-up version that has me wondering, is it genius, or dumb?

La Mer Bleu Lace Up Espadrille La Mer Bleu’s lace-up take on the flat slipper is reminiscent of what Tom’s has done with its alpargatas. My question is, are the straw laces going too far, or do they give these slippers the right amount of quirky to make them worth springing for?  What do you say?

If you love them, check them out on Farfetch, where they’re going for $60 a pop.