Computer Love: Our Favorite Links for the Week…

Kara Walker

Kara Walker, Untitled 2009


  • The Francis Alys retrospective at the MoMA’s definitely worth the trip
  • Kara Walker has two shows up simultaneously at Sikkema Jenkins & Lehmann Maupin galleries, and according to NYMag, they’re buth must-sees.
  • In love with Mark Giglio’s wooden figures


  • We confess, we’re still raging over the ill-advised casting of Lenny Kravitz for PA fave Hunger Games character, Cinna. Thanks for the bad news, EW
  • What? Even more reason to love Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids… she modeled her character after Guy Fieri!
  • Lady Gaga, equal parts awkward, awesome, and sweet on Letterman


Laura Lombardi Gold Dipped Crystal Necklace

Credit: Pigeon Toe Ceramics


  • Crystal Fashion!!!! Check out these awesome gold-dipped crystal necklaces by Laura Lombardi at the Pigeon Toe online shop.
  • Thanks to the Hairpin ladies for teaching us how to make our nails look rad, with this tutorial.
  • Extreme nail art, complete with PETA friendly shed snake skin.



Credit: Allerina & Glen MacLarty


  • Amazed and salivating over Joel Robuchon’s Bulle de Sucre on Nowness.
  • Get ready for summer patios, oysters, & champs with NYMag’s oyster happy hour round-up.


  • Sweet wooden tape dispenser for the well-appointed desk, at the Igloo shop.
  • A dream bathtub for our future PA mansion, at French by Design.

More Awesome Stuff:

  • Our Prez meets the newly weds, Prince Will and the lovely Kate Middleton, wonder what they talked about… the honeymoon, maybe?
  • Newly discovered (to us) website Hello Giggles, and their hilarious Disney outfit roundup.

Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!!!