Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week



  • These vintage portraits of intriguing people make us want to write a short story. Thanks Miss Modish!
  • Start with a beautiful fashion photograph add animation and literally feel the wind in your hair over at From Me to You.
  • For all you graphic design lovers here is a rad map of Manhattan using nothing but type!


  • Digging the funky manicure vibrations over at Lace nail art blog.
  • A machine that tells you your size at every store? Sign us up! An interesting look at women’s sizes and the huge range between brand sizing via The New York Times.
  • See behind-the-scenes coverage of Costume Institute Gala & more with the new Vogue app.


  • And just like that the season for boozy ice pops arrives! A roundup including bittersweet chocolate-bourbon pops at The Bitten Word.
  • Looking for something to make to celebrate the Royal Wedding? For all your pudding needs check out the The WikiPUDia of Puddings.


  • “You have (check all that apply): been in a confrontational argument with a condescending dude about music.” Check out these spot on questions while taking the Indie Rock Cred Test for Girls over at The Hairpin.
  • We don’t have enough exclamation points to convey our excitement about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II. Check out the new trailer at Hulu!
  • Do you know the meaning of “beat one’s face,” or “throwing shade?” Better read this RuPaul’s Drag Race dictionary at The Daily Beast.
  • Sloths that look just like Justin Bieber? Decide for yourself at Buzzfeed.


  • We are always looking for new bands to check out and L Magazine has 8 they say we have to hear NOW!


  • We spied a lot of new sunburns as the sun came out this week. Get ready for the warmer weather with these sunscreen suggestions at Allure.


Images via Miss Modish Blog, Axis Maps and Trampoline

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