Did you know… Mameshiba is awesome?

Mameshiba (literally bean dog, in Japanese) is this bizarre and amazing thing: a little cartoon bean, that looks like a dog, and tells you facts. I realize this makes no sense so I’m going to just show you:

The dramatic slow fall of the pea from the child’s spoon, the look of dismay and horror on the child’s face as the bean regales him with a bit of trivia, the dark shadow that falls upon his face and the utter pointlessness of it all – I love it so much!

If you’re wondering what Mameshiba is actually for, you are not alone. I was very confused for a while, assuming that Mameshiba had some sort of purpose, but rest assured, the only point of Mameshiba is to be itself. AND TO BE AWESOME.

Mameshiba is huuuuge in Japan, with a line of toys, stickers, stuffed animals, cell phone charms – everything your little Japan loving heart could desire. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to this little guy?