CatPaint: Painting the World One Cat at a Time

My new favorite iPhone app is CatPaint. I bought it over the summer but didn’t really fully appreciate it’s glory until recently. CatPaint is basically exactly what it sounds like — an app that lets you paint with cats. You can use either the default outer space background or a picture of your choice and then pick from 16 different cats to paint with. You can make them bigger or smaller and even have lasers shoot out of their eyes. Basically it’s awesome! I mean even James Franco loves it, just check out his Twitter icon.


Here are just two of my CatPaint masterpieces. If this doesn’t convince you of this app’s awesomeness, check out the CatPaint Flickr pool or the CatPaint Tumblr.


Get CatPaint for $0.99 from the iTunes store or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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