Sweet Nothings from In God We Trust

In God We Trust, the mini-empire of thoughtfully appointed boutiques by Brooklyn-based designer/curator extraordinaire, Shana Tabor, is just the place to go when you want to get a friend a gift. My latest obsessions here (and there have been many) are the Sweet Nothings pendants – and at $40 a pop, they’re the perfect price for a gift for a saucy friend.

In God We Trust Sweet Nothings Pendant Necklace

Sweet Nothings from In God We Trust

These little brass hearts are hand-engraved with some sweet nothings, but mostly sweetly sassy somethings that have me clutching my pearls. You can get anything from “really fuckin cute” to “eat a dick” to wear on a chain, though my personal prudish nature will keep me from sporting the latter. You can also always come up with your own sweet nothings, and the ladies at In God We Trust will be happy to script your words on a new brass heart for an extra fee.

Check out the full selection of phrases on the In God We Trust store at Refinery 29, or in person at any one of their locations in Manhattan or Brooklyn.


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