NKOTBSB Together at Last

Who among us cannot claim to have at some point or another fallen under the spell of boy bands?  I mean, I’m pretty much under the spell of the Biebs right now and he is not even a band, just a no-screaming-teenager-left-behind Canadian juggernaut – but that is another story.  I am talking about getting back to my roots, with the boy band that claimed my heart, and countless others, back in the 80s – New Kids on the Block.  Oh, and also, the Backstreet Boys.

Did you know… they are touring together now?  A small part of me wants to go see this happen.  A larger part of me feels like it would be an excessive waste of money.  But then I watch this video of them performing in Times Square on NYE and I am nudged towards thinking it would be amazing.


I mean, are they going to just do mashups all night?  That is kind of awesome.  Also, ridiculous.

Find more information and tour dates here.