Embracing the 70’s with Swedish Hasbeens

A friend of mine told me about Swedish Hasbeens, the VERY adorable wooden/leather shoes from (duh) Sweden sometime last year, but it wasn’t until the reintroduction of all the sweet 70’s looks this season that they made sense to me.  Suddenly, I had to have them.  Until I looked at the site and realized that I am not rich and don’t have $300 to spend on summer shoes when I no longer live in Los Angeles and have to wear socks 3/4 of the year.  This didn’t really put a stop to my desire as the site has even more styles than before, all cuter and brighter than the next.

1. Peep toe Slingback 2. Peep toe Super High 3. Braided Sky High 4. 60’s Slingback 5. Knee High Boot 6. T-Strap Sky High

I stalked them properly before I made the plunge, learning that they’re made with sustainable methods and are modeled after classic designs from the 70’s; are “heirloom quality”, meaning that with proper care, they should last for generations; and, more practically, learning that the sizing was kind of all over the place (it’s a good idea to read various reviews of the style you’re looking at and take the recommendations to heart!).  I was nervous about buying them without trying them on, but this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing them swayed me.  A nude sandal and skinny faded  jeans?  Perfect, cute, and casual.

A visit to eBay and a pair of brand new Peep toe Super Highs (at half the price!) were mine.   I’ve worn them around the house and they are as cute and comfy as I had hoped.  Now I just have to wait until spring to show them off!

Find Hasbeens on their official site, as well as Endless and Amazon.  Or eBay, if you’re lucky.