Bill Cunningham New York: A Documentary About Our Favorite Street Fashion Photographer

I know I am not alone in my utter adoration for the work of New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham and his witty documentation of the denizens of this fair city. Next month a documentary about his life’s work finally receives it’s theatrical release. When Bill agreed to the film, the fashion and photography world received the gift of access to Bill’s remarkable visual history of New York City that spans more than fifty years.

Bill Cunningham New York Documentary Film Forum

Designers play their role in determining style in the city from the top down, but what is far more interesting to me is to see how designs actually translate when worn by real people, combined with clothes they already have, and that may or may not be homemade/vintage/etc. On the Street with Bill Cunningham gives us that insight week after week. He identifies trends and playfully describes the goings-on of the city. This slideshow from the holidays is a recent favorite of mine because of Bill’s hilarious narration and description of SantaCon, as contrasted with the fashion-focused-only-wear-black-self-serious people who also inhabit the city.  It’s classic OTSWBC.  As is this three-minute homage to the ankle boot and the evolution of a style.

Even though the Times just ran an article about the decline of the blog last week, it’s clear that many style, fashion, and street style blogs are only growing in popularity as evidenced by this article in New York Magazine last week about The Sartorialist and Spawn of The Sartorialist.  If there is one person The Sartorialist can thank for pioneering street style photography, it is Bill Cunningham, our favorite octogenarian bike-riding street style documenatarian.

Check out Bill Cunningham New York at Film Forum for a two-week run beginning March 16th.