Fabric Envy

Today’s personal shopping self-discovery is that going to H &M directly after shopping at Club Monaco is not advised and results in an acute case of fabric envy.

In need of some retail therapy I went into Club Monaco to drool over the cashmere sweaters. I prowled around the store admiring things in the $100 plus range but wasn’t feeling in the mood for a big-ticket splurge item.

I was almost out the door safely when the large sale section drew me in. The fabrics were so soft and I loved how high the quality felt on the basic shirts and tanks. I ended up walking out with several items including a black silk racerback tunic, a flirty red skirt and a $30 white (basically see through) tank with gold buttons I convinced myself was a pivotal layering piece for this winter, ha.

Afterward I still had time to kill and felt pulled in H&M. Maybe there I could actually afford the oversized cardigan I am in pursuit of. Well I did find it. Great fit, perfect length and only $24 dollars!!! Amazing right? Except I didn’t buy it. After Club Monaco it just felt so cheap and scratchy.

So lesson learned, until I find a cashmere fairy godmother, I’ll be shopping at H&M first!